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System fails again in Westminster

The linked story is about a 4 year old disabled girl returned to her parents who then physically abused her over a period of 7 weeks notwithstanding visits from the Social Services - who were told she was away.

Why does this happen?
1. The system relies upon "experts reports" and opinion as to what might happen.
2. The system does not respond efficiently and/or quickly to real reports of problems.
3. The system is arrogant assuming that the "procedures" are the solution to all problems and ignoring information that conflicts with the plan.
4. This particular child was disabled and hence less likely to be adopted so social services are under target pressure to return this type of child to the parents.

In a sense this is a good example arguing that the system is incapable of judging risk and needs instead to judge facts.


its all the same with social services they are in a topsy turvey world of their own. I had a emergency protection order put on me to not take my children away from the father after the day he dragged me out of a vehicle by my hair and his family set upon the vehicle with crowbars terrifying the children.....yes you can guess his award for that, was social services applied for a EPO on me!!..blasted rotten to the core this system is.Do they get kicks out of leaving children in desperate awful situations or just like to watch us mothers break up inside. Ive virtually given up, what is the point of keep shouting about it, to many years and no one listens anyway, just will end up with the knowledge this country is more worried about money, never ever the truth....or the suffering or the deep emotional truama it leaves us all in! oh what is the point any more! You get let down by this system and then let down by the ones that say they can do something to change it ...sounds like double trouble not getting anyone anywhere...
What it all boils down to is, the Expert reports are all fiddled! they all conclude through the whole process to quicken the paper work through, thus this influences the judge on his decision, it is all a fast the system is. been there, been through it.
same story here, council are approached when something drastic happens,then passing the buck to the judge, yes there is bad and bent judges, but they are too influenced by a load of reports that are all decided behind the scenes together, as you will not find unless very rare, one body will stand out and say something different they found, you would be a lucky person if you did, as money talks, targets talk and so the swiftness of pushing it through court and spitting you out the other end is only a tip of the ice berg...

Does anyone think the gov. are going to stand up and take notice now..... to many have been shouting too long and where are any of us getting, no where, the only people doing the best they can and getting the money out of this is the media! the gov. are not going to listen, you've heard of brick walls, you would be better standing facing one of them and have a conversation then keep plodding away falling on deaf ears.
How can we appeal to robotic servants that are focused on money money money, we need people with hearts running this country!!...

their answer to a flu panademic is, they have enough body bags so their answer to mass distress amongst parents is, " we will not stop cashing in on your children" thats the bottom line to it. Woman are breaders, children are workers, workers earn the gov. money!!..
What a life..!!! What a world, what a system to live in!!!!

And doesn't it just ring in your ears when you read a court transcript how the judges start justifying their own reasoning then answer their selves only to then say its their own forgetfulness on the matter. then as mine goes, justifying the father is a lyer and then still keeping the children in his care, after all the horrendous happenings, does make you wonder who pays who, doesn't it!!....
but then i would say the freemasons have a spoke in it to, wouldn't you, to help these bad men pursue their aim!!......more to this system then meets the eye!
Oh the reason why they did not listen to the foster parents in this case is because they were not a profesional body the child had spoken too, nver mind the poor child may have confiding in them so they voiced her concerns on, it does not work like that , i should know, i was told loads of times, we can not act as you are not a profesional and the children have to tell someone else.....urhhhh, so my motherly wisdom is not enough to know my children voice the dangers to me out loud! but i not blasted thick, you know!! they would like me to be i am sure, but when children find the only person in the world they can confide in is the only person they trust,like a mother or close foster parent, then why not listen to the child's voice, even if the person is speaking repeating what the child has told them, ! now what does not make sense is, they will act on a call from an anonamous person, or a neigbour, so why keep telling me i am not a professional and the poor children have to tell some one else. My darn integrity is full proof, their fathers is not worth the spit he coughs up!even the judge acknowledged the father was not truthful! so in all honesty, is this a line they feed you when they don.t care or do not want to act as i had heard my poor children many atimes say, we can not tell a school teacher as daddy said she tells him everything and then he would go and betend to be a doty father picking them up from school when all along it is a threat to them to keep their mouths shut or they wont see mummy again!!.....but oh no, social workers do not care when you explain this has been said to the children, they think as we are the parent not living with them we are making it up.... Well i hope every one involved with my case, would never ever have a good night sleep again, because you lot know who you are and you all know you are nothing but slaves to money before your consious to other innocent people.....
I am sick and tired of councils making excuses for forged paperwork when something comes back to them about a child, lessons will be learnt, be darn, the only lessons that need to be learnt is sack the darn lot of them,it is so puzzling as to what the gov. are doing as aren't they not meant to be thinking of the people. well folks do you get the oppinion they are thinking of lining their pockets first before helping the ordianary people that actually run this country and put them in power!. that is a point, stop working, then they have nothing to line their banks with and out of power they will go, e i e i ooooooooooooh

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