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Another 1,000 jobs to go in NHS

What I found intersting yesterday was confirmation (of course I cannot give sources) that there is some effort placed into news management from local trust by central NHS adminstration. This is something I expected, but the real question then is how bad would things be found to be if the news management stopped.

These job losses are in Yorkshire.

I am also a little confused on Herceptin. We are told it will cost about £100 Million nationally, but the local estimates for half of Birmingham are £6 Million.


Bob Piper said…
Reading that first paragraph again you are obviously a little confused... or a little pissed! Is it possible you could try it again in English!

By the way... what is your view on your Leader's abuse of a Respect councillor... and why does the Tory/Lib Dem administration so white and male?
john said…
Mike Whitby is not "my leader". He is the Leader of the Council.

My understanding is that there are three people in citywide SRA type posts who are not white.

Of the three women in such posts 2 are Lib Dems. Given that we provide all 5 of the councillors who fall into either category then I don't think criticism of the Lib Dems is justified.
TonyF said…
Once again avoiding the question. Bob wanted to know, and so do I, your opinion of Whitbys remarks to Salma Yaqoob.
john said…
It is reasonable to criticise people for playing the race card.

The words I would have used would have been different, but underlying the issue it remains that people should not campaign on the basis of race.
TonyF said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Bob Piper said…
So... asking the all-white, all right Conservative/Liberal Democrat leadership why they have no representatives of the Black and Minority Ethhnic communities in their midst is... in Hemminspeak.... 'playing the race card.' Just goes to prove that Hemming is the same as Whitby and the rest of their crew!
john said…
Remember the context:

Leaflets arguing that school developments are going to Sutton Coldfield not Sparkbrook, Labour campaigning on about the same issue. Labour issuing a leaflet highlighting the fact that one of our candidates is Carribean to only the muslim area of a ward.

I accept it is our responsibility to work for inclusivity in both the elected members and also in those in positions of power.

However, if people mainly campaign on issues that divide society on primarily racial grounds that is not acceptable.
Bob Piper said…
Errm, is this the same John Hemming who before the General Election was defending different leaflet to different areas... by the Lib Dems? Now it is put forward to defend a Tory who abuses an Asian female councillor. It's your coalitiuon and youir conscience, but it will come back to bite your arse.
TonyF said…
Shaukat and his mates gone back to their party yet? If there's a lash back from your buddies remarks, get ready for it.
john said…
There are two distinct issues here. The first one is that the administration needs to ensure that whilst people achieve success on merit also the people in power are of diverse ethnic groups.

The second one is that Respect as a party tends to campaign in such a manner as increases division. Yvonne Ridley was the most extreme example of this in Forest Gate where it appears that the Met got it wrong again.

Salma, herself, is someone who I have known for about 6 years and I do respect her as an individual. However, she and Dr Naseem have been trapped into issuing misleading and divisive statements. Where this originates from is unclear.

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